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Spiders are scary at the best of times . . . but they get a whole lot scarier when your mom and dad aren’t around!

Hi! I’m Dean and this is the story of my Nightmare Spider Apocalypse.

Join me and my friends on a strange and magical adventure!

And don’t forget to bring your lava gun!

It’s scary when you are trapped in a game alone . . . especially when mom and dad aren’t there to help you!

Hi I’m Dean And this story is about my book Trapped In Roblox.

Join me in an adventure of being trapped in a game. Meet new friends while you are at it and even win some games!

Meet Kevin. He’s a teenager with long hair, magical sight, and a wish to become wealthy and powerful.

Met Kevin Two. He’s a horse that used to be a different Kevin that wanted to kill Kevin and take over his life.

Kevin’s life is complicated.

That’s why he’s writing a book. He plans to call the book Kevin 3.

Join him in his latest adventure through the magical layers of our world in the Anthology Mystery Boxes!

Oh, and let him know if Kevin needs more Kevin and Kevin Two and adventures!

Dean Hanson

I’m ten years old and I wrote this book because my dad said that if I want better computer games and stuff I should work for them. Plus the story was fun to write and I think people will like it.

You can read more of my stuff when I write it at my Amazon Author Page.