Minecraft Monarchies – #22

With tons of coal in the chest and lots of stuff to refine with a furnace, Dean and Dad headed back to the castle. On the way, they noticed that the sugarcane had gotten very tall. “Hey Dad, we’ve got tons of sugarcane to harvest already!” shouted Dean. “Well that’s nice,” Dad answered. “Maybe weContinue reading “Minecraft Monarchies – #22”

My First Tank Training Date

Oh hi, I learned how to drive a tank today. First I started by going in to four wars! Okay, yeah, you caught me. I actually already did those and this game isn’t exactly new to me. But it is fun and I have never talked about it, so when my dad said it wasContinue reading “My First Tank Training Date”

My First Day Of Killing Spiders

I played a game called Kill It With Fire and it was funny. I first started with the tutorial. The tutorial said to grab a clipboard — now you see, the clipboard is an item and there are items hidden in levels. Certain rooms having to be unlocked. And the rooms have trash like books,Continue reading “My First Day Of Killing Spiders”